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Design for Good Challenge | Category – Furniture Design | Winner – Devshri Wange

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Developing a sustainability mindset and being curious about new ways to shape the future was the essence behind the Design for Good Challenge- Where participants used composite sheets from recycled Tetra Pak Cartons to build their models. Today, we’re going to talk to Devshri, the Winner in the Furniture Design category and find out more about her experience.

Let’s get into it!

Hello! My name is Devshri Anil Wange from MKSSS BNCA College of Architecture. I participated in the Furniture Design category and made “The Box”, which is a space-saving furniture unit. It’s a foldable multipurpose box that can be used as a table and chair, and also has storage space! It can be used by students as a study table or by professionals as a work-study. 

I’ve always been into designing right from my childhood days. Growing up, I realized that my passion was in architecture and hence took it up. 

I definitely enjoyed the competition right from the start. Reading the problem statement and the categories, I was initially drawn to the Community Space category and wanted to participate as a group. However, given the pandemic and the lockdown, I couldn’t do so and hence took up the Furniture Design Category and participated individually. Looking back, I was really excited to bring my design to life by making the prototype. This practical aspect is something that stood out for me and increased my motivation to do a great job! 

At first, I didn’t feel challenged but as the competition progressed I realized there were many details I needed to take account of, especially the joinery and fixing details! But Monisha ma’am’s  Instagram demonstration helped me in understanding how to work with the recycled Tetra Pak composite sheet and what key aspects I needed to keep in mind. Through different rounds of trial and error, I was able to learn and improve the idea and it all finally worked out in the end!

I can say for sure that I have learned new things through this competition. One important thing was the fact that Tetra Pak can be recycled, and made into such useful products. During the competition, I researched extensively through the RUR Website and developed an appreciation for the thought behind this challenge. I’m so excited about my career path ahead and will look to make use of these recycled composite sheets in my future projects! 

I hope that everyone in the field of architecture should adopt sustainable design solutions and be curious to explore new technologies. The idea of giving new life to things that would have been thrown away, and make something useful from it- that really inspires and excites me! Next time we throw anything away, we all should take a moment and try to think whether we could possibly reuse it.

A chair. A Table. And Storage Space? This is something that’s definitely out of The Box!

The whole team of Design for Good Challenge wishes Devshri the very best in all her endeavors!

Design for Good Challenge | Category – Furniture Design | Winner – Devshri Wange
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