Employee Engagement Eco-Workshop

Launched on World Environment Day, 2010 ‘Go Green with Tetra Pak’ is an initiative by Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. to maximize awareness and ensure safe and effective recycling of Tetra Pak cartons. The unique collaborative initiative with ‘Sahakari Bhandar’ and ‘Reliance Fresh’ aims to sensitize and educate consumers to practice easy steps to recycle Tetra Pak cartons and understand the benefits of recycling to the environment.

“If your world is rotting, grow something from the compost.” – Jesse Hart

As a part of our Eco-education initiative, we have designed a training program titled – Employee Engagement Eco-Workshop (EEE) to sensitize, educate and spread awareness on practicing sustainable waste management in daily lives

We have two interactive workshops that align perfectly with your busy work lives

  1. Workshop A: 3 Sessions
  2. Workshop B: 6 Sessions

EEE Facilitates Multidisciplinary Learning

  • Awareness & Sensitivity Among employees by first-hand experiences with composting
  • Win in the Marketplace & Workplace With Corporate Sustainability Program
  • A More Sustainable Organization Through employee engagement and education
  • Dealing with Bio-Medical Waste Safe Disposing of masks & gloves used during COVID-19
  • Environmental Management System Requirements To be met

Workshop A: 3 Sessions

  1. Waste It or Invest It: Segregation at source, Home and Community Composting with Demo and Recycling of dry waste
  2. Grow It Yourself!: Growing microgreens, herbs and vegetables organically at Home/Terrace utilizing the compost produced from biodegradable waste
  3. Sustainable Living: Insights into concepts of sustainability, making green choices from food to fashion, products to packaging and more. Demo: Make your own cleaning enzyme from fruit peels

Workshop B: 6 Sessions

  1. Understanding Concept of Sustainability: Alignment of UN SDGs with Sustainability in everyday practice.
  2. Insights into Segregation at Source: Wet biodegradable, dry recyclable and non recyclable trash. (Task– Waste Audit)
  3. Understanding Home Composting: Live Demonstration and Case study of Community composting along with a virtual tour.
  4. Insights into gardening: Growing seasonal fruits and vegetables in recycled containers. DIY cleaning agents, and microgreens (Live Demo) (Task- Grow your own microgreens/make your own organic cleaners)
  5. Trash Talk: Raise awareness about types of plastics & plastic pollution, finding solutions (Task- DIY Eco-bricks/Save Tetra Pak Cartons for recycling/Make your own recycled Paper)
  6. Knowledge Sharing: Group discussion