RUR is a socio environmental organization which specializes in the field of solid waste management. As a Private Limited company, we design, build, train and implement sustainable, decentralized, turnkey waste management solutions.

The office is located in Mahim-West in Mumbai. Please refer to the ‘Contact us’ section of the website for more details.

RUR offers services of wide variety. We offer education and sensitization services to organizations such as schools, corporates, societies, etc. We also offer services such as waste audit and solid waste management solutions. Do check our other services.

The major products sold by RUR are modern, patented, aerobic bio composters. These bio composters help to manage your wet, kitchen waste by transforming it into nutrient rich compost. These bio composters come in various sizes and can manage from 1kg daily to 500kg daily.

We would be happy to have a green soul onboard. You could hover over the ‘contact us’ sectionà click on volunteer tab and just fill the form. Once you submit it, we will handle the rest.

RUR does various events and workshops. Simply send us an enquiry on our email and we will keep you updated. Also, do follow our social media handles and the event calendar