“Going Green” is a philosophy I live by!

When I go to the mountains, see the beautiful green world, replete with all the different species of animals and reptiles and birds the waterfalls, the different shapes of the rocks and their painstakingly carved formations and fresh fragrance of the Earth,  I feel humbled. This creation is a gift from the divine and I feel blessed to be a part of it and be able to appreciate it.

So when I examine how mindlessly we live today, how we think it’s our right to consume whatever we want, pull down mountains, destroys forests, take over species and pave concrete everywhere, I feel dismayed and ashamed.

As a human, unfortunately, we do have several needs. To live a zero waste, zero consumption lifestyle, one which is absolutely in tune with nature like the other species do is a huge challenge. But of course, we are smart enough to adapt to a sustainable way of living if we realize how urgent this is. No more can we ignore the fact that our disposable plastic waste is causing problems. It is coming back to haunt us, whether it is at Juhu beach where we can’t enjoy a litter-free walk or a swim like we did before or when it comes to the fish that we eat, which may be contaminated with microplastics!

Likewise, climate change and global warming are no longer concepts we study about or that just throw up in conversations. They have hit home with a vengeance, with each summer getting successively warmer.

If we want a planet that can sustain life with all its thriving life forms for ourselves and our future generations, we have to make a few changes in lifestyle. (Looking at the bigger picture, I saw the world striving towards 17SDG (Sustainability Development Goals) and my heart was filled with gratitude to see climate change as one of the goals).

Let us start small. If each of us consciously does, it will have a ripple effect. Like they say ‘it is just one plastic bag, said 7 billion people’. Imagine if we were to turn it around to ‘ I refused a plastic bag today, said 7 billion people!’  What a huge difference it would make!  It could kickstart such an inspiring movement!

Green is contagious, I attended a Waste Management workshop by RUR and  met many like-minded people on my journey and got ideas to go greener. I met plant lovers, I saw nature with a fresher perspective. I met change-makers like Monisha who inspired me to come out of my comfort zone to contribute towards impact. In my capacity, I have started small by trying to become conscious in everything I do. From segregating and composting my kitchen waste, keeping plastic packaging aside for recycling, to buying less, to refusing straws and plastic bags.

Plastic being a lightweight, water-resistant material has its benefits and replacing it completely in our lives is not easy. I do make efforts to switch over to green alternatives as much as I can like a bamboo brush and comb. Every bit I feel has made a difference not only to me but to my circle as well. Everyone becomes more conscious of their own actions when they see one person making the change.

You too could start, with my favourite part – “Greening” your window and your building by adding plants! It will instantly bring joy and positivity to your life. Try hanging up a bird feeder, like I have. Guess what? I get friendly parrots every morning and evening, pecking and squawking away to make my mornings brighter and chirpier, and you might too!!

Similarly, we can all try our hand at upcycling. There’s plenty of old furniture, plates, tins, old shoes, pots and other items lying around. Turn them around with a little creativity and you’ll have a quirky new piece for your garden!

So unlike the intimidating concepts of giving up everything you enjoy, its about embracing Green practices.

“Going Green” doesn’t have to be all serious and stuffy…

It’s about getting innovative, having fun, breathing and feeling more in tune with the beautiful world around us! ❤

-Aditi Jayakar Kane

Going green is my mantra!

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