I have the distinct pleasure of being a part-time associate at RUR. Recently my Ma’am and mentor Ms. Monisha Narke gave me a composter for testing, a composter designed by herself. Previously I used to practice composting in bucket system, where mixing of the waste was a very tedious task. It also used to stink a lot while mixing the waste. So I was looking for a composting system that is odourless and easy to mix.

Initially I added one bowl(approx. 200gms) each soil and cow dung. Then I started adding kitchen waste. My kitchen waste contains- bread, egg shells, vegetable waste, fruit peels, steamed rice, nirmalya. I rotated the container 5 times per day, removing the extra water using drain control valve on alternate days. This wasted water can be used as a manure for the plants. To maintain moisture content I added dry leaves on alternate days. I continued adding soil and cow dung (approx. 200gms each) once in 2 weeks to speed up the process. 1st cycle of composting was completed in 50 days (approx 2 months) where I recycled 50 kg waste to 10 kg green gold bio-compost. I used my 1st cycle compost for my own plants & gifted 2nd cycle compost to my family friends on occasion of Makarsankranti. They all were very happy with this gift and excited to know the process of composting. Now I am practicing the 4th cycle of composting.

Composting of your kitchen waste at your own place is a very interesting process. I have experienced the conversion of smelly waste to compost with earthy fragrance. I am truly enjoying the recycling of my kitchen waste. Before I was introduced to composting, we used to give all our waste to BMC truck which further was thrown into a dumping ground. Now, only 30% of our waste goes to dumping ground and 70% of waste is recycled using the Green Gold Bio Composter.

India’s waste disposal system is a Dumping Ground concept. But now cities, especially metropolitan cities are facing a problem of shortage of landfill sites for waste disposal. The landfills of most of these cities are already overflowing, with no space to accommodate fresh garbage waste. As a solution to this problem, instead of constructing new landfill sites, I feel we should look into innovative methods to dispose and recycle our waste. We should deal with the waste at the source point itself.
I am glad that I have taken a step towards this concept and being a part of RUR, I am sensitizing and educating people about the same. I am sure that if everyone starts practicing waste management at their own place, we will get one step closer to cleaner, greener & healthier tomorrow.


– Manjiri Patil

Manjiri’s home composter experience
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Manjiri is a multi-faceted person. A trained classical dancer, she plays the guitar and piano as well. Gardening and painting are some more of her hobbies which she puts to best use working at RUR in developing and conducting green games for our workshops.

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