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Range RUR's Greengold Aerobic Bio Composter (RGGC) is here to take your composting game to a next level! Ensure 100% Aerobic composting and Say farewell to Offensive Odors for a long long time! Did we mention this doesn't need any electricity or lab made (often GMO) microbial culture to run. Truly your partner in helping our mother Earth!

Material: HDPE Tumbler mounted on Steel frame
Colour: Blue
Capacity: 1 Kg/day bio-waste (kitchen wet waste and horticulture waste)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 92 x 84 x 46 cm
Volume of the barrel: 60 litres
List of Included Items:

One RGGC XS Home Composter
One Pair of gloves (Free size)
One Compost Tea Collector Can (Blue or Electric Orange colored as per stock and availability)
One Gardening rake
One Guide with ample of pictures to understand the Composting science for adults as well as Young Adults (In English)
Cow Dung - Seed compost mix - given in proportion to your project size - to last you at least 1 cycle of Composting
Sawdust given in proportion to your project size - To last you at least 2 weeks into composting so that you can arrange for more in the meanwhile

Care Instructions: Wear gloves and mask while handling biowaste. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store compost in a dry area.

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