RGGC – Wall Mount


RUR’s Greengold Aerobic Bio Composter (RGGC) is here to take your composting game to a next level! Ensure 100% Aerobic composting and Say farewell to Offensive Odors for a long long time! Did we mention this doesn’t need any electricity or lab made (often GMO) microbial culture to run. Truly your partner in helping our mother Earth!


Material: HDPE Tumbler, comes along with the Stainless steel wall mounts
Colour: Blue
Capacity: 500g/day bio-waste (kitchen wet waste and horticulture waste)
Dimensions (H X W X D): 61 X 62 X 32 cm.
List of Included Items:

RGGC Wall Mount unit with Stainless steel wall mounts-1
Medium size pair of gloves – 1
Compost Tea Collector -1
Gardening rake – 1
Cowdung- Seed compost mix (1 kg approx) – 1
Sawdust (1 kg approx) – 1
Guide with ample of pictures to understand the Composting science for adults as well as Young Adults (In English) – 1

Care Instructions: Wear gloves and mask while handling biowaste. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store compost in a dry area.

RGGC – Wall Mount