Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We at RUR GreenLife offer to collaborate in fulfilling your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility, as under the Companies Act, 2013 in India. We customize our services to meet your organization’s CSR policy requirement.

RUR facilitates various collaborations towards ensuring environment sustainability and promotion of education by conducting eco-awareness workshops and campaigns as well as setting up sustainable and decentralized solid waste management systems at various strata of the community. 

CSR with RUR GreenLife

As per the amendment (effective 01 April 2014) to Schedule 7 of CSR policy in India, an organization/company can choose to include any of the listed activities under their company’s CSR policy.

(vii) ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, agroforestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining quality of soil, air and water.

Impact of CSR Collaboration with RUR

On associating with RUR, we create customized CSR strategies that aligns with your values and expertise; helping you work toward acheiving social, environmental and economic impact by connecting the stakeholders together and drive effective implementation leading to long-lasting change within communities you work with.

Reporting on CSR Project

Detailed biannual and annual reports are generated to keep the client updated on the progress of the project. The report comprises of statistical analysis of waste diverted from landfills and recommendations for maintenance of the project.

CSR Projects Undertaken by RUR

# Godrej Properties Limited: We have designed and implemented a Neighbourhood Waste Management Project with Godrej Properties Limited(GPL) in 2016, supporting their efforts to positively impact the society and the environment. This includes managing waste from a low density, high rise building in their own complex, and a high density low rise building as well.

# Kalpataru Limited:  RUR GreenLife collaborated with Kalpataru Ltd. in 2019, for their CSR initiative to supporting their efforts to positively impact the society and the environment by establishing a Community sensitization through workshops.

For the project with Godrej Properties Limited, sustainable and decentralized waste management solutions at the sites were implemented by RUR Greenlife through following activities:

To collaborate with us through your CSR projects, please contact us