From 2012-2014, RUR collaborated with Panasonic India Pvt Ltd, one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturers to create a ‘Green Awareness’ program on importance of recycling E-Waste. This includes all electronic devices like TV, monitors, cables, bulbs, socket, switches and more.

E-waste makes up 5% of the landfill waste but accounts for over 70% toxic materials. 

The aim of the EPR program was to sensitize and educate Mumbai citizens on importance of waste management and e-waste recycling through creative activities. RUR and Panasonic collaborated to set-up a public collection point for E-waste recycling at Panasonic Experience Centre, Andheri West.

Workshops on diverse green topics like segregation at source, recycling, kitchen gardening, green careers, sustainable consumption were conducted at Panasonic Experience Centre. Outdoor programs like conferences, green exhibitions, cycle to recycle rally, nature trails and beach clean-up drives were also organised to make recycling fun and engaging for all.

The joint partnership between RUR and Panasonic directly educated over 1,00,000 individuals on holistic approach to waste management and doing their bit to conserve the environment.