Always throwing away empty Tetra Pak cartons?

Did you know Tetra Pak cartons are 100% recyclable ?

Want to know more about recycling used Tetra Pak cartons?

Go Green with Tetra Pak

Launched on World Environment Day, 2010 ‘Go Green with Tetra Pak’ is an initiative by Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. to maximize awareness and ensure safe and effective recycling of Tetra Pak cartons. The unique collaborative initiative with ‘Sahakari Bhandar’ and ‘Reliance Fresh’ aims to sensitize and educate consumers to practice easy steps to recycle Tetra Pak cartons and understand the benefits of recycling to the environment.

Tetra Pak cartons are primarily made from wood fibre that has been refined into paperboard. To this are added protective layers of polyethylene and aluminium.

These materials are layered together using heat and pressure to form a six-layered container which protects its contents from light, oxygen, air, dirt and moisture. Furthermore, Tetra Pak cartons are lightweight and easy to transport.

Used cartons are not waste. They are a valuable raw material for useful new products.

How is a Tetra Pak carton recycled?


Deposited cartons are collected from centres and sent to factory


In the factory they are
shredded into smaller pieces


These pieces are then laid out in a press, as per sheet thickness


These sheets are then compacted under high pressure and temperature


Recycled composite sheets are ready to be used to make classroom desks

How can you contribute?


Lift the flaps and flatten the empty carton.


If the carton comes with a straw, push the straw back in.


Now deposit the carton in the recycling bin.

Go Green Initiatives

Cartons Le Aao, ClassRoom Banao

Cartons Le Aao is an initiative by Tetra Pak, as a step towards protecting natural resources and at the same time empowering lesser privileged children. Tetra Pak and RUR recycle the used cartons into desks, notebooks, and entire classrooms. You too can lend support by depositing used Tetra Pak cartons at the nearest carton collection centre: Reliance Fresh | Reliance Smart | Sahakari Bhandar.
Through recycling, we can give the cartons a new life, protect natural resources and reduce the impact of climate change.

Green Champions

Meet our green champions! All the green souls who take efforts and contribute their bit in saving the environment and reducing the load on landfills. Read how Rohan from Matoshree’s Pearls have been our green champion since 20. Here is our newest Green champion, Ms. Nivedita Krishna who has joined this cause in 2019.

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