Can I change the way my waste impacts our Mother Earth ?

Can I recycle all my recyclables ?

Do I need segregation at home ?

Can I ever live without these thin gauge plastics?

Can I do this in my community?

We at RUR GreenLife can become your sustainability partners to maximize recycling and minimize impact on environment.

RUR provides a gamut of Turnkey, Sustainable Waste Management Services under the umbrella of ‘Holistic Solution’ to homes and residential complexes, corporate offices, retail spaces, manufacturing units and others.

Holistic Approach To Solid Waste Management

Most of the current waste management practices are centralized in a particular location, which pose problems such as inappropriate waste management, generation of greenhouse gases, huge transportation costs and loss of resources, among others.

Our design philosophy involves making waste a resource and maximizing recycling at source through scientific research, innovative technologies and efficient execution. Our aim is to to divert up to 90% of city waste from landfills and reduce the overall ecological footprint of mankind.