Concept of circular economy

Circular Economy is the concept that we have come across quite recently, later you will find that the concept is new but its existence is as primal as ours is. So, There exist Liner Economy and then is the circular economy.

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First hand experience of a green champion

As Mumbai landfills fill up and the air quality deteriorates, Sumer Trinity Towers residents are playing their part in reducing the burden on the environment. Waste management in Sumer has been going on for a little more than a month, and already our first batch of compost is almost ready with the second cycle also in the its initial stages.

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Manjiri’s home composter experience

MANJIRI’S HOME COMPOSTER EXPERIENCE I have the distinct pleasure of being a part-time associate at RUR. Recently my Ma’am and mentor Ms. Monisha Narke gave me a composter for testing, a composter designed by herself. Previously I used to practice

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