Malhar Nandurkar, 12, from AVM Bandra, has started the wheels of waste -segregation rolling in his society Ashok Gardens at Sewri…
During my commute to school I spotted several posters by MCGM on Swachh Survekshan. My mother explained to me that it’s a nationwide survey of cleanliness of cities and I felt sad to know that among big cities, Mumbai doesn’t rank well.

I learnt that the main reasons for this are Mumbai’s dense population and large amounts of unsegregated garbage that the city produces.
Around the same time, I was pondering over my ‘Action Research’ topic while preparing for a practical science exam, which happened to be “Local Efforts towards Environment Conservation.”
As things stood, in December 2019, my society Ashok Gardens in Sewri was facing a huge waste management crisis. The six wings and 540 flats generate 700-800 kg of solid waste daily, which is a lot of Garbage!
Our waste wasn’t being segregated properly, and MCGM had stopped collecting waste. Residents were panicking! The situation was so dire that our shoots had got choked up with garbage up to the 8 th floor and there was a lot of stench.
It didn’t take me long to realize that the topic of my paper “local efforts to solve an environment problem” was staring back at me at my
very society.

Plan of Action
Along with my mom, we approached the manager of Ashok Gardens. “It’s an impossible task!,” he said, adding “A combination of waste not being segregated effectively, not enough campaigning and apathy towards the situation is the cause.”
Luckily, environment activist Ms Una Correa is a resident of our society. And we decided to work together to form a “Green warriors” group.
I also visited the office of RUR Greenlife, a social environment organization in Mahim that offers expert advice on waste management solutions to study how we could tackle the issue.

Green Warriors at work
Teamed with new ideas and knowledge, our group of Green Warriors came up with a multi-pronged strategy.

  • We assigned 3-4 volunteers per wing to go from door to door to explain the importance of segregation. (Mom and I were assigned our wing)
  • We printed and distributed pamphlets with catchy slogans like “ Segregate , Don’t BE Late!” and information on what goes in which bin.
  •  We also assigned floor monitors, to ensure implementation.

As a fun activity we put up a Nukkad Natak on our Annual Day in December. I was chosen to give a short speech and motivate people in the society on 26th January Republic day celebration.

Reaping results
Well, we have seen some good changes. People are now far more sensitized and have started segregating waste in colour coded bags.
We now plan to start door to door collection and shut the shoot system for good (pun intended).
For dry waste, we are moving towards a 7 bin approach and have tied up with Sampurna Earth.
Through this activity, I realized this is just the beginning and I hope I can truly contribute to a greener world in the future!

RUR wishes our young enthusiastic eco champ a bright and green future!

More power to him to make our Planet cleaner and greener!

The Lil Green Hero

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