Do you want to explore the environmental issues?

Do you want to help solve ecological problems?

Do you need motivation to take action towards a greener tomorrow?

Training and Sensitization: Eco education

Eco-education forms a strong basis on which a child/ adult/ community, connects and engages to have a deeper understanding of the ecological/environmental issues around us and make informed and responsible decisions of the same.

Solid waste management is a burning issue with the increase in population, therefore sensitizing the masses and inculcating green habits is necessary. RUR GreenLife  offers quality trainings, talks and workshops for public awareness; thus re-iterating and imbibing a deeper understanding of the ‘Solid Waste Management’ concepts:

RUR conducts the following workshops

An eco-program on Green Living for young children with the aim to:

  1. Sensitize, educate and spread awareness on practicing sustainable waste management in daily lives.
  2. Empower them to become green leaders.
  3. Encourage them to contribute to the community and work towards a greener planet.

This is a year long program which is run in association with the school. It consists of 6 modules, spread over 8 sessions.

      • Module 1: (2 sessions) Tetra Pak Recycling
      • Module 2: Insights into Waste Management and Composting
      • Module 3: Composting live demo, and kick start of the green project
      • Module 4: (2 sessions) Growing Organic Vegetables in recycled containers or terrace
      • Module 5: Bio Fertilizers
      • Module 6: Field trip to our active site for a first hand experience.

Mumbai’s garbage dumps are full to the extent of overflowing – the Deonar landfill is now as high as a thirteen story building, obstructing flight paths! With the vision to reduce waste sent to landfills, RUR conducts hands-on training workshops for communities on waste segregation and management at source.

An expansive workshop to cater to the composting requirement of your organisation/ school/ housing society/ institution. This will cover all the basics of composting, why do it? How and where to do composting? Along with other services that RUR GreenLife offers.

Our waste comprises broadly of biodegradable and non-degradable waste. Biodegradable waste can be turned into compost, while non degradable waste can be recycled. However, this is only if this waste segregated, if not the waste loses its value and simply lands up in a landfill.

This workshop will cater to the requirements of only recycling used Tetra Pak cartons.

Live demo on how to make paper from Recycled Tetra Pak cartons.

Video of how the factory recycles Tetra Pak cartons into composite sheets.

It will also provide insight on the ‘Cartons Le Aao , Classroom Banao Campaign’.

It takes conscious efforts to say no to plastic and continued efforts to choose sustainable options over single use/disposable items. We encourage everyone to do their bit, even if it’s saying ‘No’ to a single disposable cup/ cutlery it still counts .
This workshop emphasis is on use of green alternatives and trash reduction.

Induction of Scientific Process, Health and Safety is a workshop designed to help your housekeeping staff in understanding the process, equipment, safety measures and good practices while managing waste at source.

An introductory workshop for all the plant lovers. We provide you a kit with the required gardening supplies and a seed calendar to help you plant as per the season throughout the year!

Reach out to us for conducting workshops and/or arranging an eco-tour. The eco-tour comprises of a visit at any of our active site that is using RUR’s RGGC for managing wet waste and is also segregating their dry recyclables.


Impact of Eco Education Workshops

Want to customize your workshops? Get in touch! 
  • Multilingual as per requirement ( Hindi/ English/ Marathi)
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Audio/Visual Aids
  • Live props and demonstration
  • Sensitized and eco-conscious citizens motivated to adopt good green practices
  • Get started to Segregate at source and maximize recycling
  • Connect with nature for a greener tomorrow
  • Sign-up for Tetra Pak recycling