Did you know composting in forest occurs 24 x 7 ?

Always wanted to practice bio-composting but not sure how?

Did you know >70% of household waste can be composted?

Bio-composting is the biological aerobic decomposition of organic material into simpler compounds, yielding a dark, earthy, nutrient-rich humus.  Simply put, bio-composting is nature’s way of recycling. Each of us consumes food, producing biodegradable kitchen waste like fruits and vegetable peels, tea leaves,egg shells,meat and fishbones. These can easily be composted instead of being sent to the landfills.

RUR GreenGold Bio-Composters (RGGC)

  • Innovative patented in-vessel technology makes composting simple and effective. (RGGC Patent filed No – 201621007373)
  • Aerobic bio-composting in RGGC is easy, odor free, hygenic and safe.
  • Scalable technology with 6 models to choose from, can help recycle wet waste between 0.5kg to over 500kg per day in-situ. 

Did you know it’s a government mandate since April 2016 to segregate and manage your waste?

Let us help you take your first green step...We can customize composting solutions as per your need.

Why choose us?

We are committed to care for environment and by practicing composting, help in completing the loop by ‘Giving Earth back what Earth gives us’.  Such a holistic approach towards waste management is also known as cradle to cradle approach.

RUR’s EDGE over other available options:

Smart Air Vents
Low Operation Cost
Moisture Balance
Easy Rotation
Leak Proof
Additive Free
Pest Proof
No Electricity
Odour Proof
Rust Proof
Mimics Nature

At RUR Greenlife, we will support you in the process at every step...

We provide hands-on training on the scientific process of aerobic bio-composting, monitor and guide you for the first 2 composting cycles, until you are ready to manage it self sufficiently!